Safety & Claim Management

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Protect your people, productivity, and profits

OutlookHR has the necessary knowledge and resources to help reduce risk, manage claims and audit payments.

From conception, we provide the necessary knowledge to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace incidents. When the inevitable workplace injury does occur, we provide expert claim management while auditing compensation premiums to help reduce ongoing costs and over billing that oftentimes accompanies workers’ compensation.



We help ensure that your business is fully prepared if and when a worksite injury occurs.


We offer a full spectrum of Workers’ Compensation plans specifically designed to help your employees recover and return to the job.


Our team will fully support you with workers’ comp government regulations and reporting requirements while minimizing your exposure to liability.


Stay proactive with employee and workplace safety, practices, and compliance.


Workers Compensation Claims Management

Workers’ comp claims are deceptively complex. That is why OutlookHR has created a system that is focused on implementing a plan customized to fit your company’s unique needs. We can assist in all aspects of injury.

Preventative Safety Maintenance

After a thorough analysis of your work site records, OutlookHR will help establish and update your injury and illness prevention plan. We will help you reduce workers’ compensation claims by proactively implementing solutions that establish a code of safe practices.

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We can develop a fully custom HR plan for your unique needs.